Sanat Kumar Malviya is a famous person in the field of Vedic Astrology. He started his astrological career in the year 1987. He has 32 Years of experience in the field of Astrology. He provides a very Effective and accurate Horoscope Reading. His aim to give Astrological counseling, based on a thorough study of the kundali, that is reliable, robust and accurate. He has completed his Master of Commerce(M.Com.) Degree from Allahabad degree college,(up.)and 'Ayurveda Ratna' from 'Hindi Sahitya Samelan', Prayagraj, (U.p.)'. Guruji is also a Sadhak of Lord Mahamritunjaya, bestowed with healing capabilities by his Guruji.
He is an expert in Love & Relationships, Marriage & kundali, Career, Money and Investment, Health, and Everyday Life. Consult him on for the solution of your problems.

Astro Guru says karma is life. Karma makes a future. All the planets are affected by actions. The fate of the planets is formed according to. Like karma, Destiny will continue to bear fruit in the same way. The importance of sharp and right in the nature of the sun.  Moon tells the versatility of the mind. Likewise, each due to its nature, destiny becomes so deteriorating.

      Lord Krishna itself explain in 'GEETA'

    Which is like a man like Karma. That is what tomorrow finds.

Do you know what does Astrology means?

Generally, if we ask about astrology to the people they simply say, it’s a religious work. But SANAT ASTROLOGER defines astrology in a scientific way because astrology is not religious study, it needs calculation, it depends upon statistic, it needs statistic study, it needs mathematical knowledge in regards.

Astrology is a study of the effects of the constellations on the human beings, etc. The astrology is also called THE SOCIAL UNIVERSE, which is more than 3,000 years old. Astrology is considered to be knowledgeable of the future, but this is half-truth is the art of seeing the horoscope of time and the human across. In it, the past can be known to the present, future three and the personality of man is nature, qualities – fault, disease disorder, etc. , it can also be well – known. Astrology, astrology science, Mathematical, Substance science, Philosophy, Mantra science, Gems science, Shun shastra science, Ayurveda or Pathology science, Body symptoms or Physiognomy science, Palmistry science, Sociology science, conduct Religion and Spirituality and Psychology, includes some fraction of all cannot be the astrology without.


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