Child Life Report

When a child is born then it is a secret for us. How is fortune will be in the future and the present? How will his personality? How it will be for everyone and how it will be for other? How is her health? etc.

This full life report would not only give you the predictions related to Childbirth but also would give you the answers to other aspects of life such as married life, career, finance, travel, harmony, health, etc. You will also get to know the best-suited gemstones and also other effective remedies to reduce the malefic effects. You can make the best use of this report by ordering it today.

The Child Life Report will help you to discover the strengths and weakness or discover the potential for development and growth in the child. If the horoscope of your child indicates obstacles or evil effects created by the planets, in that case, we can suggest you instant and effective remedies in solving all kinds of troubles and tensions. And you can rest assured that these remedies are totally safe and will have a very positive effect on your child’s future.

The Child Life Report will cover a major event of your child’s life such as :

  • Health
  • Education
  • Relationship to parent
  • Scope in career
  • Lucky color and days
  • The periods of ups and downs etc.
    • The exhaustive analysis of your natal chart.
    • Thorough description of the 12 (twelve) houses
    • Influences of the Lords of Signs and Houses
    • The negative and positive impact of each and every planet
    • Various aspects of your life determined by the influence of various planets
    • The timing of things, for example, Love, Relationship, Sex, Matrimony, Children, Money, Sale, and Purchase of Vehicle/Property, Career, Foreign Travel, curses, Health, etc.
    • Dynamic analysis of the planetary periods (Dasha System – 15 years.)
    • Guidance for peace of mind, success, and happiness
    • Effects of special Yogas
    • Special Analysis of the chart to recommend Gemstone
    • Strategies and astrological solutions
    • Any query related to the report within 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cos